GBF Next Gen Scholarship for Excellence

GBF provides scholarship to outstanding children and siblings of Gokongwei Group Subsidiaries and Affiliates employees. The program allows them to take a course of their choice at any of the colleges and universities nationwide. Scholars are supported through graduation, provided they maintain ranking among top 35% of their course batch.



Active Scholars


Founding Year


GBF Next Gen Scholarship for Excellence

Application Process

  1. Accomplishment of online application form and submission of documentary requirements 
  2. Preliminary screening for eligibility check
  3. Live online essay exam and portfolio evaluation
  4. Panel Interview


  • Fixed annual financial grant of Php 85,000 to subsidize tuition and other fees (Subject to terms and conditions of scholarship agreement)
  • Access to scholar development programs (example: leadership camp, bootcamps)
  • Internship opportunity in the Gokongwei Group (optional) 

Eligibility requirements

  • Child or sibling of Gokongwei Group regular employee who is a college student taking up any bachelor’s degree program
  • Enrolled in any Philippine college or university
  • Has an outstanding academic record with GWA of at least 2.5 or 80%​
  • Top 10% of SHS batch for incoming 1st-year students​ (Top 30% of the course batch for continuing college students​)
  • Exemplifies good moral character and shows active participation and involvement in extra-curricular activities​
  • In need of financial assistance​

Documentary Requirements

  • Certified True Copy of Grades (TCG) for the past 2 consecutive semesters   
  • Batch ranking certificate for the recent concluded semester 
  • Latest Good Moral Certificate   
  • Certificate of Employment (COE) with Position/Rank Classification (Parent or Sibling of Gokongwei Group Employee). Purpose of certificate should indicate "for GBF Next Gen Scholarship application." 
  • Proof of relationship of applicant to the Gokongwei Group Employee
  • Student's Personal Portfolio (which highlights extra-curricular activities and community involvement) 
  • Proof of enrollment from school or letter of intent to enroll from the student 



All Gokongwei Group subsidiaries and affiliates.

Featured FAQs

1. What is the timeline for the entire process, from application to admission?

Applicants can expect the final result four (4) weeks after the deadline of submission.  

2. How will I know if my application is approved? 

Applicants will receive updates once they are eligible to proceed to the next phase of the process. Applicants who will not qualify will also receive a notification. 

3. If I don’t have any sibling or child who can avail of the scholarship, can I extend it to my other relatives? 

No, the scholarship is exclusive only to the child or sibling of the Gokongwei Group employee.  

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