STEM Collab Program

Leveraging on DepEd’s Learning Action Cell sessions, GBF supports communities for STEM educators. We piloted STEMCollab, a community for STEM teachers that enables peer-to-peer coaching and social learning.

STEM Collab Program


STEM Collab is a capacity-building program that uses open space technology and social learning. It is designed for Math and Science teachers to share, learn, and collaborate with each other. It consists of regular STEM Collab Sessions, with topics ranging from science and math curriculum, instructional materials, to different teaching strategies that cater to different learning modalities.

After a STEM Collab Session, the participants will extend the learning experience by joining in activities and interacting with other teachers inside the STEM Collab Online Community.

LAC Session Guides, complete with activities and materials, are also given to the teachers so they can share what they learned to their co-teachers during their own LAC Sessions.

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