TeachSTEM Master's Scholarship

The GBF TeachSTEM Scholarship Program supports aspiring and practicing educators who champion STEM in their schools and communities. The scholarship application for the Academic Year 2024-2025 is ongoing until October 31, 2024.



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TeachSTEM Master's Scholarship


The GBF TeachSTEM Master's Scholarship Program aspires to provide practicing educators with opportunities for advancement of critical knowledge to enable them to transform and reform educational practices, policies, and institutions in the future. 

How to Apply

Send your application and other submission requirements online via https://bit.ly/gbfteachstemmasters2024. Qualified applicants will be invited to a live online exam and panel interview. 

Qualified Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts/Science in Education  

    • Science 

      • Major in Biology Education 

      • Major in Chemistry Education 

      • Major in Physics Education 

      • Major in General Education 

      • Major in Advance Science Education 

    • Mathematics 

      • Major in Mathematics 

      • Major in Secondary Mathematics 

  • Other Master’s Degree Programs

    • Educational Management

    • Educational Leadership

    • Educational Administration

    • Curriculum Design

    • Curriculum and Instruction

    • Non-Formal Education

    • Tech-Voc Teaching (Major in STEM)

    • Special Education


Scholars shall receive benefits until graduation from their degree program, subject to compliance with scholarship retention requirements every semester. 

  • Financial Grant (Sent directly to a scholar’s bank account) 

    • State University: 45,000 per year 

    • Private University: 65,000 per year 

  • Scholar Development Programs   

    • Access to capacity-building programs (e.g., leadership development, upskilling, subject content mastery) 

    • Support from a community of educators 

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must have at least one (1) year of teaching experience and currently teaching:

    • in either a public or private school, with the intent to teach as a K-12 public school teacher of science, math, or any STEM-related subject [Note: For public school teachers, priority will be given to applicants with at least two (2) years of teaching experience.] 

    • in the tertiary level as instructor or professor of any STEM-related subject or course 

  1. Must be a model of teaching excellence, innovativeness, care for learners, and commitment to serve 

  1. Must be an incoming 1st year or 2nd year student in a master’s degree program in education specializing in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, alternative learning system, tech-voc training, or special education 

    • Ongoing MA student should be currently enrolled with at least six (6) units and must have at least 6 coursework units remaining.

  1. Must have a weighted grade of at least 2.0 or its equivalent from the previously enrolled academic year 

  1. Must be enrolled in a teacher education institution (TEI) within or above the national average LET performance 

  1. Must have no failed, incomplete, or dropped grades from the previous semester 

    • An applicant with an incomplete, dropped or failed subject can be admitted as long as they are able to present proof of completion of the said subjects 

  1. Must meet the required rating in teaching performance in the previous school year 

    • If a public school teacher, must have at least a "Very Satisfactory" rating 

    • If a teacher in a private school and/or the tertiary level, must have at least a "Satisfactory" rating  

  1. Must be of good moral standing with no existing disciplinary case at the TEI they are enrolled in and at the school they are teaching 

  1. Must be in need of financial support to complete their studies  

  1. Preferably not a recipient of other scholarships 

  1. Must be in good health 

Documentary Requirements

  1. Proof of enrollment 

    • If an incoming MA/MS student, submit proof of admission in the TEI and letter of intent to enroll in the next semester 

    • If an ongoing MA/MS student, submit certificate of registration for the current semester enrolled with at least six (6) units and letter of intent to enroll in the next semester 

  1. Certified true copy of grades 

    • If an incoming MA/MS student, submit a transcript of records either from the entire undergradute program or at least two (2) most recent consecutive semesters 

    • If an ongoing MA/MS student, submit a certified true copy of grades from the previous academic year or at least two (2) most recent consecutive semesters from the TEI where the applicant is enrolled 

  1. Copy of Bachelor's degree diploma 

    • If an incoming MA/MS student, submit complete course curriculum (from coursework, comprehensive exam to thesis) 

    • If an ongoing MA/MS student, submit subjects to take after current semester (from coursework, comprehensive exam to thesis)  

  1. Certificate of good moral character from the current year from the attended TEI and from the school where they are employed 

  1. Performance rating for the previous calendar year from the current employer school 

  1. Certificate of employment with starting date, rank and salary  

  1. Certificate of STEM-related accomplishments. 
    • This can be any certification showing the applicant's participation and involvement in any STEM-related project or event in, but not limited to, the school where the applicant is employed or his/her local community.
  1. Proof of residence  

    • Photo of residence, AND 

    • Proof of billing OR barangay certificate 

  1. PRC ID (Licensed Professional Teacher) 

  1. ID picture on a white background (Square image) 

Additional Documentary Requirements for DepEd teachers 

Helpful Links

Online Application Form for TeachSTEM Master’s Degree Scholarship   https://bit.ly/gbfteachstemmasters2024
Online Application Form for TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship   https://bit.ly/gbfteachstemcollege2024
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  https://bit.ly/gbfteachstemfaqs2024


Kindly visit our FAQ page or email teachstem@gbf.com.ph.


GBF does not collect fees from scholarship applicants. If you receive suspicious communication claiming to come from GBF, kindly report it to us. Read our full statement. 

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