STEM Collab Online Community

The STEM Collab Community is a growing online community of teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math who teach in K-12 private or public schools. It is a safe space where teachers can share about their teaching experiences and brainstorm ideas to come up with new knowledge, teaching strategies, and materials.

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STEM Collab Online Community

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Social Learning Activities

After every STEM Collab Session, the members of the community will have a chance to participate in quick activities that will extend and enrich their learning experience for the current topic.

Teachers’ Helpdesk

As part of the sharing culture observed in the teachers’ community, members can seek help and ask questions to their fellow teachers. They can even share lesson ideas and classroom activities with each other.

Materials Repository

Our expert speakers will distribute activities, presentations, worksheets, and sample lessons pertaining to their topic. Members will get access to these materials, including a complete LAC Session Guide that they can use to share their knowledge within their Learning Action Cells.

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