Project Future

A major thrust of GBF for STEM educators is the establishment of an innovative, scalable, and high-impact professional development program. GBF engaged IDEO, a global pioneer in Design Thinking, to conduct the process of designing the program’s blueprint.

Project Future


Designing a flagship program to improve STEM teachers’ quality

Around 140 key stakeholders were interviewed to discover the main points and opportunities, as well as to help design the prototypes of the program. These included local teachers, students, universities, and government agencies.

Using all the insights from this discovery process, GBF is building an app that teachers can use as both a class builder and a professional development program.

The app combines “what to teach” in the context of “how and when to teach it” by delivering targeted, bite sized, and just-in-time instruction to teachers. It also offers opportunities for professional growth through expert coaching and teacher support.

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