What we do
GBF seeks to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education through scholarship grants, a technical learning facility, and collaborations with strategic partners.

GBF Iskolar ni Juan Tech-Voc Program

Graduates: 314 Active Scholars: 50 Year established: 2014

In partnership with URC Branded Consumer Foods Group and URC Sugar and Renewables, GBF grants fully-subsidized one-year scholarship to high school graduates who are interested in industrial machine operation. Boarded at the GBF Technical Training Center (TTC), scholars undergo GBF’s signature TESDA-registered courses and earn a Certificate of Completion in either in Mechatronics Servicing or Instrumentation and Controls Servicing. After which, they go through an on-the-job immersion that eventually makes them fit for employment at URC-BCFG as production operator or maintenance technician.

GBF NextGen Scholarship for Excellence

Graduates: 42 Active Scholars: 100 Year established: 2010

GBF provides scholarship to outstanding children and siblings of JG Summit Holdings, Inc., Subsidiaries and Affiliates employees. The program allows them to take a course of their choice at any of the colleges and universities nationwide. Scholars are supported through graduation, provided they maintain ranking among top 35% of their course batch.

GBF-JG Summit Business Units STEM Scholarship for Excellence

Graduates: 83 Active Scholars: 139 Year established: 2012

In partnership with JG Summit Business Units, GBF grants this scholarship to outstanding students taking STEM degrees who rank among the top 30% of their course batch in select top-ranked Philippine universities. Aiming to groom future leaders of JG Summit companies, the program provides industry-standard on-the-job training to scholars and employment opportunities after they graduate. Partner JG Summit Business Units include JG Summit Petrochemicals Group, South Star Drug, Robinsons Land Corporation, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc., URC Agro-Industrial Group, URC Flour and Pasta Division, URC Sugar and Renewables Group, URC Branded Consumer Foods Group, Robinsons Bank, and Cebu Pacific.

GBF STEM Scholarship for Excellence

Graduates: 25 Active Scholars: 28 Year established: 2011

GBF offers scholarship to outstanding students coming from low-income families and taking  science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) degrees enrolled in top-ranked Philippine universities. Only students at the top 30% of the course batch qualify for this program. Scholars are supported through graduation, provided they maintain ranking among top 35% of their course batch.

Ateneo John L. Gokongwei Scholarship

Graduates: 24 Active Scholars: 8 Year established: 2006

As part of GBF’s endowment to Ateneo de Manila University, this full scholarship is granted to academically excellent but financially needy students of the Ateneo John Gokongwei School of Management. Scholars are supported from first year to graduation.

DLSU Gokongwei College of Engineering Grant

Graduates: 47 Active Scholars: 60 Year established: 2012

As part of GBF’s endowment to De La Salle University,  this full scholarship is awarded to outstanding students taking any undergraduate course offered by DLSU GCOE. Scholars are supported from first year to graduation.

GBF-PBEd TeachSTEM College Scholarship

Active Scholars: 6 Year established: 2018

GBF sponsors outstanding college students taking bachelor’s degree in Education specializing in STEM through the Philippine Business for Education’s (PBEd) 1000 Teachers Program. After passing the licensure exams, scholars will render return service as science or mathematics teachers in public schools. Through supporting this program which seeks to attract the best and the brightest to teach, GBF partakes in ensuring a pool of new-breed quality STEM teachers and consequently contributes in science culture building among Filipino learners in basic education.  

St. Stephen’s High School Scholarship Program

Graduates: 10 Active Scholars: 10 Year established: 2012

GBF grants financial assistance to cover the education of exemplary students in need from Grade 7 to 12. This Chinese school, where GBF Board of Trustees member Ms. Elizabeth Gokongwei is an alumna, is the first partner the foundation for a high school scholarship.

China Scholarship

Graduates: 74 Year established: 2007 Year ended: 2009

The China Scholarship is among GBF’s pioneer programs, which sent young professionals to top institutions in Beijing and Shanghai. The 10-month program aimed to expose future leaders to best practices that lead to China’s economic success, with the hope of bringing back the learnings to serve the Philippines.