Application for TeachSTEM Master's Research Grant is now open!

You're almost there! Take that step closer to completing your Master's Degree.

Application for TeachSTEM Master's Research Grant is now open!

GBF TeachSTEM Master’s Research Grant Program

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The Master’s Research Grant aims to provide financial aid to STEM educators pursuing the completion of their master’s thesis or capstone project as final requirement for their master’s degree program. This enables STEM educators to enrich their content knowledge, improve pedagogical skills and become highly effective mentors.


Scholarship Benefits

1. Scholarship Grant

  • Fixed annual grant: PHP 50,000.00
  • Should the grant amount be insufficient to cover costs and fees, Scholar is to shoulder deficiencies

2. Scholar Development programs 

  • Access to capacity-building programs (i.e. leadership, upskilling, subject content)
  • A chance to be part of an educators community
  • Continue to serve in the public sector while completing your course


Eligibility Requirements 

  1. Must be teaching STEM in any K to 12 public institution or any private or public tertiary institution.
  2. Must be enrolled in a thesis/professional track master’s degree specializing in STEM.
  3. Must have completed all required coursework and passed the comprehensive examination. 
  4. Must have a general average of at least 2.0 or its equivalent in their General Weighted Average for coursework. 
  5. Must have at least a “Satisfactory’ rating in teaching performance from the previous year. 
  6. Must not be a recipient of a grant from any other institution or person, except for academic grants by the Partner TEI, or any grant with an aggregate amount equivalent to less than 50% of the Grant Amounts provided by GBF in a relevant academic year, which may be allowed at the discretion and upon obtaining the prior written consent of GBF. 
  7. Must be of good moral character. 
  8. Must be in need of financial assistance to complete research.


Return Service

The Scholar is required to fulfill return service for a period equivalent to the duration of the scholarship with the following conditions/requirements: 

  • As a full-time Science, Technology or Mathematics teacher in a public school in the Philippines, preferably in his/her province or hometown 
  • Immediately after completing the certificate program


Documentary Requirements

  1. Certificate of Employment  
  2. Copy of PRC ID 
  3. Proof of enrollment or proof of admission with letter of intent to enroll 
  4. Certified true copy of grades reflecting GWA from course work (computer-generated / portal-based grades may be submitted under certain circumstances) 
  5. Certificate of Performance Rating (if available)
  6. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Department of Education 
  7. Proof of household income (I.e. two most recent payslips, Income Tax Return [ITR]). 
  8. Colored ID photo with white background 
  9. Recommendation Form filled up by the candidate’s thesis adviser or any authority that knows and has worked with regarding your academic development 
  10. Work Plan indicating completion of Master’s Thesis or Capstone Project. 



Application Process

  1. Eligibility
    • Application Form 
    • Proof of Academic & Financial Eligibility 
    • Proof of Passing the Comprehensive exams
  2. Thesis/Project Proposal
    • Approved Proposal
  3. Panel Interview
    • Interview with external panelists
    • Note: Evaluated by GBF, Partner TEIs


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