Application for TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship is now open

Are you an aspiring STEM teacher who’s passionate to build the future through education? Apply Now!

Application for TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship is now open

TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship 


Scholarship Benefits

1. Scholarship Grant

  • Fixed annual grant
    • Public University: PHP 65,000
    • Private University: PHP 85,000
  • Education from esteemed Centers of Excellence/ Development
  • Scholarship grants sent directly to RBank accounts of scholars
  • Financial grants may be used for educational expenses like tuition, books, supplies, living expenses and conduct of research

2. Scholar Development programs 

  • Access to capacity-building programs (i.e. leadership, upskilling, subject content)
  • A chance to be part of an educators community
  • Continue to serve in the public sector while completing your course

Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be a college student taking a Bachelor's Degree in general elementary or secondary education specializing in Science, Technology, or Mathemathics.

2. Must have no failed, dropped, or incomplete grades in the previous academic year.

3. Must have a general average of at least eighty-five percent (85%) or its equivalent.

4. Must enroll minimum academic load prescribed & complete program within the recommended period.

5. Must be of good moral character.

6. In need of financial support to complete studies.

7. Preferably not a recipient of other scholarships.


Documentary Requirements

1. Proof of Enrollment/Admission for AY 2022-2023 (with letter of intent to enroll)

2. Certified true copy of grades reflecting GWA from the previous Academic Year

3. Proof of household income (e.g., ITR, Certificate of Indigency, Certificate of Low Income, 2 recent payslips)

4. Certificate of Good Moral Character

5. Philosophy of Teaching essay

6. Recommendation Form

7. Consent from legal guardian (for applicants under 18 years old)

8. One colored 2x2 picture


Return Service

Scholars will serve as STEM teachers in any public K-12 schools for a period equivalent to the duration of their scholarship preferably in their hometown.


Application Process

STEP 1: Eligibility Screening

  • Accomplishment of Application Form
  • Submission of Documentary Requirements

STEP 2: Live Online Exam

  • Competency Test

STEP 3: Panel Interview

  • Panel Interview


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